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The goal of the problem statement is to define at a high level the purpose of the desin initiative. The vision statement is the inversion of that and serves as a high level design objective.

Problem statement


  • Often times people can't find the information they are looking for.
  • People can't find their way around the website so they feel lost. People
  • The presentation of the content of the articeles is not clear with regard to the cause and solution.
  • People don't know what the next steps are.
  • No content for advanced users at all.
  • The combination of that leads to low helpfulnes ratings and asking questions in the forums when they shouldn't have to.


  • SLOW!!!
  • The process to contribute is not clear
  • technical process too complicated
  • Contributors can't find the information/tools they are looking for or they don't exist
  • The time to see changes is too long (caching issues)
  • Missing private message system hindering communication.
  • RTL support missing

Vision statement

The new Knowledgebase should provide people with easy to follow solutions to their problems as fast as possible without disorienting them or giving them information they can't follow. The KB should also do user education to convert novice users to intermediate users. This would lessen the demand for support and increase user satisfaction.

For contributors the new knowledge base should make it possible to contribute localization or articles with as little effort as possible and without confusing them with difficult processes. That will improve contributor experience and lead to a grow in community size.

For users beyond being fast and easy the site should be enjoyable and even fun to use that would lead to them coming back to the site and thus to better educated users who need less support. The contributor experience should not only be simple and efficient but engaging and addictive which would lead to more contributors wanting to be part of SUMO.