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For those developers who can’t afford to develop their own solution or prefer to adopt a solution provided by Mozilla, SUMO will develop a lightweight version of the Mozilla Support site (

The goals of this platform are:

  • To offer a simple alternative to host a small set of FAQs, that can be localized by the community and can be maintained in wiki mode.
  • To offer a support forum specific to each app, where users can ask questions and other users with the developers (properly identified with a tag below their username) can answer.
  • To be tightly integrated with the Marketplace UI and the SUMO processes. This enable users that come to the Marketplace with question to ask them there, while contributors can help from where they are used to help: SUMO.
  • For developers is a good platform to show that they care about their user. The way they help users will be visible in the Marketplace, giving them an additional reason to download/purchase the app.
  • It will be free of cost and the maintenance of the platform is on Mozilla.