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Overview of smaller changes to SUMO this quarter by priority

  1. Move Army of Awesome snippets to code to be translated in Verbatim bug 695104
  2. (Support Forum) Permanent and separate views for desktop and mobile, so people can easily switch between and distinguish mobile and desktop forum (needs UI)
  3. Let people coming from email comment without being logged in bug 657307
  4. Let people send emails on dashboard message changes Bug 683189
  5. Threads only marked read when clicking the title bug 634572
  6. Topic pages (pages that gather articles from one topic, like "Using Firefox" or "Security")
  7. Show different time frames on the dashboards bug 678168
  8. Make most visited articles page more useful Bug 664734
  9. "Add image" feature for contributor forums bug 694941
  10. L10n dashboard for admins bug 697084
  11. Rollback for latest edit Bug 615566
  12. Add feature: Articles that link to this article Bug 641503
  13. improved localization view
    1. add google translate a translation api (for a base to start from) bug 655066
  14. Better video embeds
  15. stats for localizers
  16. Allow bigger avatars Bug 630698
  17. improved editor (see PRD)
  18. Require captcha to add images Bug 658269

in progress

  1. show poll info on SUMO dashboard (especially for localizers)
  2. messages when helpfulness rating goes down significantly after an edit

Done in earlier quarters

  1. [DONE] Add view for all KB article discussions bug 699053
  2. [DONE] Private messages should send emails bug 681375
  3. [DONE] Add "needs changes" view to KB dashboard bug 683690
  4. [DONE] Send review information to more people bug 685578
  5. [DONE] Tag filtering for Questions bug 591918
  6. [DONE] Better grouping and spacing on KB articles Bug 611108
  7. [DONE] Implement new and improved SUMO top header area Bug 669840
  8. [DONE] localizable topics (via verbatim back end) bug 623160
  9. [DONE] support for "archive [x]" forum discussion
  10. [DONE] add history picker (PRD) bug 655057
  11. [DONE] Ability to mark Threads as solved bug 655071
  12. [DONE] print css (cleaning up print) bug 639793
  13. [DONE] support for "ready for localization [x]" bug 639806
  14. [DONE] Warn if approver is also the editor of a revision Bug 664120
  15. [DONE] Make obsolete articles uneditable. Bug 663412
  16. [DONE] The search results in the AAQ form need improvement Bug 635099
  17. [DONE] Change notification email subjects so they can be threaded and sorted Bug 665637
  18. [DONE] Filter mobile support forum search results Bug 658291
  19. [DONE] Add a small banner to staging site to avoid confusion Bug 649505