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This is a short FAQ for how to use the group dashboard feature in Kitsune. The full documentation will follow as soon as we have an implementation of all important parts on July 12th.


What is the groups feature?

Where is my groups profile?

You can see a list of all profiles here. We will have a much better listing soon, and will link to it from the sidebar.

Where is my groups dashboard?

You can find your groups dashboard when you click on "dashboard" in the upper right corner. Your groups dashboard is behind one of the tabs on the right hand side.

How can I add people to my team?

Go to the group's profile page and click on "Edit group members". Then you can search for users via the search field and add them by clicking "add member".

How can I put an announcement on my group dashboard?

Unfortunately not very easy for now, but it will be possible from the dashboard very soon. For now follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you have the rights to use the admin area of SUMO
  • Follow this link
  • Choose the name of your group
  • Add or change the announcement and click on "save"
  • You can also specify until when the message should be displayed. If you leave that blank it will be shown indefinitely.

Note that changing the message will send the new message to every team member.

How can I add a description to my group profile?

Just click on "Edit group profile" on your group's profile page.