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  • Better browsability and searchability for SUMO


  • A reworked site architecture, with a structure that is browsable
  • Improved display of search results

Open issues/risks

  • What method do we want to use to automate parts of the topic pages?
    • Topic and product landing pages: Where does the list and the images come from?
  • How is the product picker sourced?
    • code (easiest), database (needs front end), scraping a site
  • How is the topic picker sourced?
  • Product picker needs to be aware what product and topic the shown article belongs to. How do we do that?
  • What does the "News" link in the main navigation do?
  • Where do article images on topic landing pages come from?
  • What do we do for locales?
    • Machine translate all untranslated articles?
    • Turn on new IA on a locale by locale basis?
    • Have an option to use a simple home page with just the localized content?


Feature overview

utility navigation

  • Search
  • AAQ
  • Login/Register (Username/Private message count)
  • Language Picker
  • Accessibility (link to landing page, only for screen reader, hidden with CSS)


  • (possibly) editing tools
  • Contributor items
  • Topic Picker (1 level deep) (where is this sourced from, code (easiest), database (needs front end), srcaping a site)
    • The content depends on the product and reflects the product landing page (means that product picker needs to know product and topic of article)
  • Product Picker (sourced from code)
    • OS picker
      • Version Picker (only displayed when there is more than one version)

product picker

  • Where does that data come from?

3 versions:
1. Living on the start page (Support Home)
2. Ideally as an overlay, fallback: make it it's own page

  • Two ways to get there:
    • Select a Task (first steps)
    • Linked from the main navigation (Mozilla Software Help)
  • shows a clickable product matrix. The target of the links depends on where the person is coming from
    • Coming from Support Home and having chosen a task it will lead to the task landing page
    • Coming from "Mozilla Software Help" and not having chose an task it will lead to the generic product landing page

3. In the sidebar on landing pages and article pages

Landing pages

  • Support Home (
    • Task picker
    • Product picker
    • selection of news
    • selection of hot topics
    • Participate and Feedback links
  • Product landing page: Lists all topics for a given product (where does the list and the images come from)
  • Topic landing page: Lists all articles for a given Topic (where does the list and the images come from)

main navigation menu

  • Support home:
  • Mozilla Software Help: Product Picker
  • Hot topic: page that lists items (to be decided if that's aggregated automatically or manually)
  • News: aggregated from a blog.
  • Participate: Contributor documentation
  • Feedback: Link to Input

Users & use cases





Functional Spec

Start page

product landing page

task landing page

article view

What contributors should do

Things that will need to be figured out

User experience design

Implementation plan