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Overview of smaller changes to SUMO in Q2 by priority

  1. [DONE] localizable topics (via verbatim back end) bug 623160
  2. [DONE] support for "archive [x]" forum discussion
  3. [DONE] add history picker (PRD) bug 655057
  4. [DONE] Ability to mark Threads as solved bug 655071
  5. [DONE] print css (cleaning up print) bug 639793
  6. [DONE] support for "ready for localization [x]" bug 639806
  7. improved localization view
    1. add google translate a translation api (for a base to start from) bug 655066
  8. Tag filtering for Questions
    • Permanent and separate views for desktop and mobile, so people can easily switch between and distinguish mobile and desktop forum (needs UI)
  9. Better video embeds
  10. L10n dashboard for admins, something like this
  11. Topic pages (pages that gather articles from one topic, like "Using Firefox" or "Security")
  12. show poll info on SUMO dashboard (especially for localizers)
  13. messages when helpfulness rating goes down significantly after an edit
  14. stats for localizers
  15. improved editor (see PRD)