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KB sprint for Fx4 documentation

Note: Since the Firefox 4 launch is delayed this will be it's own event.

Goal: Support localizers in translating the Fx 4 article updates. Answer questions and help people become familiar with the new Kitsune KB. Help localizers looking over the migrated articles.

Date: 2010-12-02

Participants: all localizers, and KB contributors

Plan/Areas to cover:

  • Have documentation ready for the new KB before it is released
    • Syntax
    • How to edit an article
    • The new process in Kitsune (rewieving etc.)
    • The new localization/review process in Kitsune
  • When the English articles are complete we'll announce that they are ready for localization.
    • We will have around 10 articles ready for the sprint
    • We will prioritize them for the sprint
  • If 2.3 ships before Dec. 2nd then our sprint will also serve as a time to answer questions and familiarize people with the new system.
  • The sprint will take place from 8am to 5pm PST to cover as many time zones as possible, with Asia in the morning and Europe in the evening. The schedule will be informal, like the QA day. The localizers will be asked to localize and update articles and to check the top articles for any mistakes in the import process.

Next steps

  • come up with schedule/topics about 2.3 [2010-11-15]
  • Announce and invite localizers [2010-11-15]
  • Finalize list of Firefox 4 docs to be updated [2010-11-30]
  • Have draft of contributor docs ready [2010-11-30]
  • Reach out to all localizers before and after the spirnt [2010-12-02]

Announcements: mailing list, private email, blog, forum [2010-11-15] + [2010-11-29 - 2010-12-02]