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Hello, and welcome to the SUMO KB localization sprint. The goal of todays sprint is to make sure the top 20 articles in your language looks as they should look and to give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the new KB.

Please check the FAQ, if you have any question and see if it is answered there already, we will frequently update the FAQ througout the day.

The schedule for today

This schedule is only a recommendation, you are free to create your own schedule of course, but this one should cover the most important areas and help to answer most questions.

1. Check your top 20 articles against the English version, and see if the articles look like they should look. That list is currently not available on the localization dashboards, but it will be added in early January, until then we will put the list up here:

2. These are new articles for Firefox 4 that you can start to localize. They will get linked on the front page (shown only to people using Fx4).

List of articles

3. Help us with search summaries. All those newy imported articles need a search summary to show up on the search results page. Help us add those summaries. It's best to beginn with the top 20 articles: