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The following are informal userid migration notes ONLY. As always bugzilla will have the real details!

Notes on SuMoMo tikiwiki to SuMoMo Kitsune KB userid migration

from james:


To create a Kitsune/Django user out of a Tiki user, you'll just need to INSERT...SELECT a few columns from the old users_users table into the new auth_user table.

users_users   ->   auth_user
login              username
hash               password
email              email

Not too important, but if you want to keep more data, you can also salvage the registration and last login dates:

FROM_UNIXTIME(lastLogin)         ->          last_login
FROM_UNIXTIME(registrationDate)            date_joined 


For the symlink issue I mentioned: When you set up kitsune, none of the kitsune directory will actually be in the document root. You'll want to do an apache Alias to two places:

  • kitsune/media --> /media/ (probably)
  • kitsune/vendor/django/django/contrib/admin/media --> /admin-media/

from paul:

Within that, you'll want to symlink kitsune/media/uploads to an NFS mount shared by the web servers. (kitsune/media/uploads doesn't exist in version control) The directory should be totally writable by the web server user, as all user-uploaded content will go in there.