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SuMo Mobile Meeting

5:30PM UTC (10:30AM PT) (Held every Wednesday) Estimated time: 25 minutes - 1 Hour

  1. sumo (IRC) is where links will be transmitted between each other.

You need to have Vidyo in order to join. Join link: Please enter guest name and then click join. Vidyo room: Michelle Luna (213)

To call in: +1 650 903 0800, x92 9213 +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 9213

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Mobile Meeting

Any Previous buisness

    Hermina/Rachel to work on call getting stuck  
    Calls cut out issue: verified together with Rachel. 9 pieces of   feedback so far:1PL,2EN,6ES. we cannot assume is market specific. 
    There are already a couple of bugs filed related to this: 
    Bug 819853 - Crash for long phone calls  - New 
    Bug 746886 - B2G telephony: Error handling for dropped calls 
    Added miself and Rachel to CC list for further monitoring.  
    Once  we have more info, we will file a bug as well. For this,  Rachel  gathered contact info for customers affected, created an email  and fwded  to Ralph for language check (for both customers feedback to  make sure  we've understood it right and email content). Waiting for  Ralph's input. 
    Also monitoring Input for further feedback. 
   Update on this 1/8/2014: Issue looks to happen when the face puts the user on hold in the middle of the call, in the process of article on how to place one on hold? See below, worked on this with Ralph Bug 956792
   Also there was one a response that did not expereience the call drop but had some comentary on the usability of answering calls, who can I reach out to forward this information? 
    Hermina doc request to verdi's list . FFOS 1.2 Articles  updates: Added tip for copying iTunes music, vCard import & hard  reset:  
    Ralph to get v1.2 running on a device (Michelle also!)  
    Work with Hermina on the logs piece  
    Logs instructions - provided Patrick with the info needed from Engineering, he is working on it 

For v1.2 scoping is happening, ask is for contributors to get started on docs /kb/new or put on contributor forum thos items that we should document

    Starting to capture some instructions on how to obtain logs from FFOS:
    Is there a recommended place we should send people to download and install ADB? 




  • QA Work week next week in Taipei
  • nhirata temporarily working from Mi
  • QA work is now mostly on 1.3
  • / Rocketbar work this week for 1.4

Firefox OS

  • Updates from break?
  • CES news (ZTE, Panasonic, Uruguay)
  • Gaia updates; rocketbar in dev tools

Feedback summary FFOS:

   Bug 956792 - Calls put on hold while speaking on LG device

QA/dogfooding for version 1.3

   Regression noticed, in partner apps as well. QA is looking into it.
   Device testing on Buri

Keyboard on Geeksphone 1.3 currently shows all the letter being capital.

   Mentioned in the B2G meeting. 
   This was initially done for performance issues, and it may be like this on the final version. B2G team asked for what would be SUMO's plan if this is the case.

ZTE provided instructions on how to apply a patch for 1.1 over the break and Rachel has instructions. Yelp is now in the marketplace yay!

Firefox For Android Feedback

Firefox For Android

   Happy new year! thanks for all the awsome contributions in 2013. On to 2014!!!
   galaxy nexus, s3 slowness? anybody seen that? if so please email roland rtanglao AT or post in the contributor forum or ask a question on the forum at

Anything else

Notes for the next meeting

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