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Mobile Meeting

Any Previous buisness



the low end, going lower and for volume . (hit spacebar) this is the stuff happening to make it work self-service help through offline or cached content--very important

Firefox OS and Android News and feedback

Firefox OS: Nothing new: Most comments about lack of apps and asking for updates (or possibly updates not working). Specific issues/feature requests are all ones we've seen before (ringtones, facebook image uploads)

   -this is working in the latest version of the app

Interesting this week, but probably not significant: Facebook got mentioned more than I would have expected, but no context to say what's wrong. Android: Nothing new, the release seems to be going smoothly. Rob will be compiling beta feedback later this month.

Firefox OS

   Support app in Firefox Marketplace was released
   latest 5-star review: "Excellent initiative , we need even more applications that work offline"
   mythmon and shuhao awesomeness!
   LINE App available for Firefox OS - Blog Post:

Firefox For Android

  • Android launcher preview was launched; trying to figure out how this affects SUMO (do we need KB articles?). It is still early days, launch is in the mid to long term so we should have some time i.e. not urgent!
  • Sevices QA is organizing a a Firefox Accounts Sync FF29 test day during late Aurora of FF29. Will need help from SUMO contributors; keep standing by for instructions (broken record :-) !)

Anything else

Andrew unable to flash 1.2/1.3 onto GP Keon unless data is flashed.... Cannot flash data due to calendar info, level on games and other apps/data on the device...

   This was a concern brought up in the last B2G meeting. I haven't seen any bugs filed regarding it, but they do consider this a blocker for the next version.

What's new on 1.2 Draft -

Notes for the next meeting

  • tweet and share the blog about line and the sumo app
  • try to get featured in the marketplace
  • remind naoki about this mtg and the etherpad