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The Milestones

2.4.1, Jan 6

  • General bug fixing.
  • Papercuts from the end of Q4.

2.4.2, Jan 18

  • Search result improvements.

2.4.3, Jan 25

  • Army of Awesome localization.

2.5, Feb 15

  • Theme.
    • Bring the new theme to the whole site.
    • Refactor and organize templates.
  • Notifications.
    • Replace notification subsystem with one that works.

2.6, March 1

  • Mobile experience

2.6.1, March 8

  • Army of Awesome updates

2.6.2, March 15

"2.7", late Q1/early Q2

"2.8", Q2

  • Group Dashboards.
    • Second half of the Users and Groups PRD.
  • May be a series of 2.6.x releases. Version numbers don't make sense for web sites.

Sketch of Q1 Timeline

Read top to bottom.

Date (approx) Milestone Ongoing Work
3 January 2.4.1 - bugs Notifications R&B Search
14 January 2.4.2 - search AoA L10n Theme
25 January 2.4.3 - AoA Theme
7 February 2.5 - Notifications and Theme User Dash
28 February 2.6 - Mobile Mobile R&B
~30 March ~2.7 - User Dashes User Dashes

R&B: "Refactoring and bugfixing"

*Group Dashes

This is not necessarily a big, monolithic milestone. If the architecture ends up roughly how I expect, we should be able to ship several small releases as we finish various group dashboards and flip them on one at a time.

Continuous Deployment

Q2 CD goals