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This page is intended to list TikiWiki features, plug-ins, or configurations that line up to our wants and needs in a support product. This will help us remember what we want set up in the official system.

TikiWiki in action on the support site:

Requirement Implementation Description Caveats
Splitting content by version number or OS Plugin Versions Allows the user to choose different versions of a document.
  • In Tiki 1.9.8, supports more than 2 versions
  • Need to have it automatically pick (based on UA)
Friendly URLs .htaccess change Just rename _htaccess to .htaccess when we get env (doesn't work on
Tagging Offered out of the box in next version, can be backported
Search - locale-specific Adding a filter
Search - KB results first
Search - synonyms
Editor review Via categories What configuration do we need for this? (do you mean something like 1-todo, 2- needs review 3- approved & public ?
Real time chat [1]
Feedback on users Score or Karma Score goes by activity, Karma goes by quality
Feedback on articles Article rating/commenting (do we want was this page helpful? yes/no)
Reporting of inappropriate content Out of the box for forums, but not wiki pages.
Localization of UI Out of the box. Fully localizable, currently fully available in 10 locales. May need to localize any changes we make to the out-of-the-box product.
Localization of content Out of the box for Wiki pages & News articles For forums, we make one or many rooms per language.
Hosting of content (video, image, Flash) Out of the box
Statistics (Popular pages, popular searches, individual user paths) Some basic stuff, out of the box
Article comments Out of the box Old comments must be cleaned out by editors, because they can become irrelevant to the new wiki page content.
Encourage search UI changes What kind of things do we need to change?
Thread statuses what are the possible statuses and who decides on changing them?
Single sign-on Out of the box, option to use LDAP with external places
Good editor Creating plug-ins for new tags (easy), admin quicktags for giving them icons Need to modify quicktags to remove things we don't want people to use and add things specific to us (ex: menu sequence formatting)
Tree structure for Firefox Help content Out of the box
Automatically doing something when people don't get a response or question is not answered
Automatic collection of user data (ex: version) visible to others
Manual collection of user data (ex: URL) visible to others