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Goal Template

 [*|#] <Task-Category>
 [**|##] <Task-Expected-Result> <Task-Description>
 * Implement the support of form select drop-down menu.
 ** [land] bug123456 - refactor prototype patches. 
 ** [OOAD] bug234567 - improve performance by 10%.

Personal Development

 Personal development goal examples:
   1. Learn a bit about the Rust Language by reading through current Rust documentation and by 
   completing the current list of available Rust tutorials available on Rust-Learning Github page.
   2. Mentor contributor x by helping her/him successfully implement and land a fix for bug yyyy.
   3. Do a few livehacking sessions during the quarter.
   4. Fix three to five bugs in a component the reports isn't familiar with but is interested in.
   5. Complete an online educational tutorial on a unfamiliar technology.

SMART Criteria

  • (S)pecific - Great goals are well-defined and focused. They include a clear statement of things like what should be accomplished, why it’s important, who is involved, what resources are needed.
  • (M)easurable - Clear metrics help with motivation, staying focused and meeting deadlines. Measures can include things like how many, how much, and measures of completion.
  • (A)chievable - Goals should be realistic and achievable while providing an element to stretch beyond one’s current abilities. This includes specifics such as how the goal will be accomplished and factor in known constraints and unplanned obstacles.
  • (R)elevant - The goal needs to matter to the individual and connect to team and organizational goals. It needs to offer value at the right time, in the right place, for the right reasons, and by the right person or group.
  • (T)ime-bound - Setting specific targets helps prevent everyday distractions from taking priority over longer-term goals. This includes setting milestones of iterative accomplishments toward the longer-term goal.

Individual Goals

Astley Chen

  • Stylo+ plan
  • Ship CSS features
    • CSS Shapes
    • CSS Motion Path
    • CSS Transform Lv2
  • Printing enhancement
    • PDFium Printing
  • Web-Compat issues
  • <select>
  • -webkit-appearance
  • Collapsed table improvement

Boris Chiou

Cameron McCormack


Eric Tsai

  • Needsdiagnosis backlog
    • issue TW locale diagnosis
  • Ship Webcompat Go Faster v2
    • Finish open issues, review patches from Dennis
    • Ship a site patch
  • improvements
    • land duplicate issue on
  • Improve webcompat-bugzilla dependency backend API, for top related issue
  • Fix alexa topsite script to fit new credential

Jeremy Chen

Louis Chang

Tingyu Lin

  • Ship CSS Shapes Module Level 1

Tommy Kuo

  • Finish the basic functionalities of content-select
    • Render the dropdown frame from the content process
    • Make the dropdown frame toggleable
    • Select an option
    • Scroll on the dropdown frame
  • Investigate the accessibility for content-select

Wei-Cheng Pan

Ya-Chieh Wu

  • Cache Opacity bug
  • Help with Layout Security
  • Help with Table rowspan Bug

Weekly Report