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Kan-Ru Chen

  • bug 1253956 NEW:: [e10s] Windows debug browser/base/content/test/general application crashed [@ mozilla::LinkedList<js::WeakMapBase>::~LinkedList<js::WeakMapBase>()] (Assertion failure: isEmpty(), at LinkedList.h:332) on shutdown
    • Initial investigating on bug 1253956
  • bug 1261612 NEW:: White semi-transparent layer in top of iframes with remote=true
    • Testing WIP patch for bug 1261612
    • Submit patch for bug 1261612
  • bug 1264553 NEW:: [meta] Align B2G OS process model to Firefox Desktop E10s
    • Clear ni in bug 1264553
  • bug 1264642 NEW:: Reduce the size of PBrowser::Msg_AsyncMessage IPC messages
    • Working on bug 1264642
    • Bug 1264642 study the StructuredClone js API and commented the findings
  • bug 1264903 RESOLVED::FIXED [LayerScope] Don't use list comprehension in LayerScope viewer
    • Bug 1264903 landed
  • bug 1265015 ASSIGNED:: Create or confirm ability to generate datasets for e10s memory crashes
    • Comment in bug 1265015
  • bug 1265680 NEW:: crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::dom::PBrowserChild::FatalError | mozilla::dom::PBrowserChild::OnMessageReceived
    • Initial investigating on bug 1265680


  • bug 1208646 NEW:: 3D CSS demo rendered extremely slowly
    • Bug 1208646, the latest patch can improve the test case by 8~9 times.
  • bug 1225654 NEW:: GTA CSS demo renders incorrectly and slowly
    • Check bug 1225654 to understand why it is slow. It spend a lot of on painting for the page change the transform of a top |div| regularly. We should do some shortcut for this since it is very common.

Cervantes Yu

  • bug 1258317 NEW:: crash in mozilla::ipc::TransferHandleToProcess (PBackground related)
    • Updating the diagnostic patch for bug 1258317
    • Bug 1258317: working on annotating the crash report with security info of the process handle
    • Bug 1258317 - submitted a patch of more annotations for review

Wei-Cheng Pan

  • bug 1259641 NEW:: [e10s] MediaFeatureValuesChangedAllDocuments takes tons of time when resizing e10s window
    • Request review for bug 1259641

Ting-Yu Chou

  • bug 1219914 NEW:: 25MiB AWSY regression when re-enabling jemalloc 4
    • Bug 1219914 compared jemall4 on/off with current m-c on awsy, traced jemalloc for dirty pages ratio, am collecting dmd data
    • Bug 1219914 made a patch to try out 1mb dirty pages limitation, then the diff on page-cache and heap-unclassified are similar, am tring to comapre the talos' scores

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