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  • bug 1208646 NEW:: 3D CSS demo rendered extremely slowly
    • 3D CSS demo now run with 56~59fps. A huge improvement.

Cervantes Yu

  • bug 1259480 NEW:: [e10s] FatalError crash in PContentChild::Read from PContentChild::SendReadPrefsArray
    • Commented the current finding to bug 1259480
    • Investigating checksumming IPC messages to detect message corruption
    • Investigating dump and tracing code for bug 1259480
    • Looking at bug 1259480
    • Looking at the dumps of bug 1259480

Greg Weng

  • bug 1232265 RESOLVED::DUPLICATE ArrayBuffer constructor should throw for non-integer byte sizes
    • Got feedback and now have a new version patch for bug 1232265
    • Patched but don't know who should review it for bug 1232265
  • bug 1255128 REOPENED:: "new ArrayBuffer(0x100000000) " does not report any error message.
  • Patch conflicts between bug 1232265 and bug 1255128; still have contributions for identifying some edge cases, though.

Ting-Yu Chou

  • bug 1005844 ASSIGNED:: jemalloc can miss usable regions in low-memory conditions
    • Bug 1005844 ni'd :glandium to clarify whatelse need to be done to get the patch reviewed
  • bug 1220517 NEW:: Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | leakcheck | default process: 84 bytes leaked (Mutex, nsBaseAppShell)
    • Responded to the mail from Andrew Overholt for bug 1220517
  • bug 1245068 NEW:: [e10s] Ctrl+mouse wheel to change zoom level doesn't work if web page is not focused
    • Bug 1245068 found the line that causes the issue, not sure how to fix it yet
  • bug 1257869 NEW:: Window Resize of large page takes seconds to change viewport
    • Bug 1257869 checked live resize events for windows and gtk, also ni'd :jimm for whether it is still a P1?

Wei-Cheng Pan

  • Asked smaug about cc logs
  • bug 1253956 NEW:: [e10s] Windows debug browser/base/content/test/general application crashed [@ mozilla::LinkedList<js::WeakMapBase>::~LinkedList<js::WeakMapBase>()] (Assertion failure: isEmpty(), at LinkedList.h:332) on shutdown
    • Bug 1253956 - running crash tests on windows 8
  • bug 1261143 NEW:: Ghost windows on leading to long CC times
    • Updated bug 1261143

Kan-Ru Chen

  • Manager's training
  • bug 1261612 NEW:: White semi-transparent layer in top of iframes with remote=true
    • Submitted new patch for bug 1261612
  • bug 1264642 NEW:: Reduce the size of PBrowser::Msg_AsyncMessage IPC messages
    • Working on bug 1264642
    • Discussed StructuredClone with baku

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