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Wei-Cheng Pan

  • bug 1261143 NEW:: Ghost windows on leading to long CC times
    • found the cause of leak, ni Kyle
  • bug 1268766 NEW:: Use MOZ_MUST_USE everywhere

Greg Weng

  • bug 1262210 NEW:: Creating objects without properties is slower than creating objects with properties
    • "bisecting" the current path of object generating
    • Profiling
    • Tracing if code is actually optimized by IonMonkey

Kan-Ru Chen

  • Finished off Wednesday's Uptime duty.
  • bug 1264642 NEW:: Reduce the size of PBrowser::Msg_AsyncMessage IPC messages
    • refined patches and pushed to try to preparing for review
    • try result with lots of leaks
    • rebuild with valgrind enabled, trying to find the leaks.
    • meeting with :billm to talk about basing on BufferList

Cervantes Yu

  • bug 1259480 NEW:: [e10s] FatalError crash in PContentChild::Read from PContentChild::SendReadPrefsArray
    • try to implement dry run of message deserialization.
  • bug 1258317 REOPENED:: crash in mozilla::ipc::TransferHandleToProcess (PBackground related)
    • Revising the 2nd part patch
    • working on the fallback mechanism on access denied in DuplicateHandle()
    • Filed bug 1271601 (blocking bug 1258317) for gracefully fail IPC transports
    • Working on fallback mechanism
  • bug 1271601 NEW:: Handling IPC transport failures more gracefully


  • bug 1225654 NEW:: GTA CSS demo renders incorrectly and slowly
    • a new patch to improve nsIFrame::ComputePreserve3DChildrenOverflow().

Ting-Yu Chou

  • Gave a talk of memleak hunting
  • bug 1217531 NEW:: Leak with createShadowRoot, adoptNode
    • traced how the xbl binding is not clear to nullptr
  • bug 1110596 NEW:: All data passing through HttpChannelParent::OnDataAvailable() is copied
    • started working on it
  • bug 1245068 RESOLVED::FIXED [e10s] Ctrl+mouse wheel to change zoom level doesn't work if web page is not focused
    • fixed failed test cases, asked for checking in
  • bug 1267329 ASSIGNED:: CreateMinidumpsAndPair doesn't record memory information
    • submitted a patch for reviewing

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