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Cervantes Yu

  • Running talos to investigate the impact of checksum in IPC messages
  • bug 1258317 REOPENED:: crash in mozilla::ipc::TransferHandleToProcess (PBackground related)
    • Looking at the crash reports and dumps of bug 1258317
    • Traced sandbox code and commented bug 1258317
    • Updated bug 1258317 with new findings from the annotations of new crashes

Greg Weng

  • bug 1175174 NEW:: Don't allow variable redeclaration in for-of statement
    • Addressed where to fix the bug 1175174, but have issues need to consult others
    • Have some new finds about the the eval flag and the test case. See bug 1175174
    • Tracing the eval bug 1175174

Wei-Cheng Pan

  • bug 1261143 NEW:: Ghost windows on leading to long CC times
  • bug 1253956 RESOLVED::WORKSFORME [e10s] Windows debug browser/base/content/test/general application crashed [@ mozilla::LinkedList<js::WeakMapBase>::~LinkedList<js::WeakMapBase>()] (Assertion failure: isEmpty(), at LinkedList.h:332) on shutdown
    • closed because WFM

Ting-Yu Chou

  • bug 1245068 NEW:: [e10s] Ctrl+mouse wheel to change zoom level doesn't work if web page is not focused
    • submitted wip and asked for feedback
  • bug 1190297 Urlbar is cleared after invalid url was entered when electrolysis is enabled.
    • can't reproduce, ni'd the reporter. :Gijs dupe it to bug 1239886 for the remaining problem: infinite throbber.
  • bug 1005844 jemalloc can miss usable regions in low-memory conditions
    •  :glandium hasn't given any feedback why the patch is not reviewed, expect the patch will lower OOM rate on both e10s and non-e10s.


  • bug 1253241 NEW:: [e10s] "Scroll of Lorem Ipsum" testcase causes graphic glitches when hide menupopup after open Inspector
    • under review.
  • Bug 1267690 - Transparency black/flickering in Vimeo icons.
    • new bug
  • Bug 1225654 - GTA CSS demo renders incorrectly and slowly
    • Working on an experiment.

Kan-Ru Chen

  • Platform manager meeting
  • bug 1259192 REOPENED:: crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::net::PHttpChannelChild::FatalError | mozilla::net::PHttpChannelChild::OnMessageReceived
    • Some analysis on bug 1259192
  • bug 1264642 NEW:: Reduce the size of PBrowser::Msg_AsyncMessage IPC messages
    • passed all js tests and all test_postMessages.html
    • publish WIP patches and summarize current status

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