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  • bug 1264566 NEW:: [e10s] UAC error message "Acces Denied" when doing action on file/folder after upload in Firefox with form submit
    • leak should be fixed, push to try
    • looks good on MacOS/Linux, checking some failed testcases on Windows


  • Looked at crash reports for May 23 Nightly on Windows
  • bug 1264642 NEW:: Reduce the contiguous address space needed for StructuredClone serialization
    • rebased onto BufferList, pushing to try
  • bug 1275495 NEW:: Crash in js::fun_apply
    • took some time to investigate how the crashes happens


  • bug 1274495 RESOLVED::DUPLICATE Animated node glitches when 3D transform applied to several nodes
    • seems to be a problem of z-order sorting problem. I will go back to it later.
  • bug 1275213 NEW:: paytm bus ticket page does not load images fully
    • find the root cause, and I think it is a duplication of bug 1269321. I have tried the patch I made for bug 1269321.
  • bug 1269321 NEW:: 3D Rendering issue in special condition (border radius and perspective on parent, transform on child)
    • Make a new patch. Still need to discuss with Matt.


  • bug 1258317 REOPENED:: crash in mozilla::ipc::TransferHandleToProcess (PBackground related)
    • Requested uplift of diagnostic patch (part 2)
  • bug 1272018 NEW:: Use shared memory to send images for drag and drop
    • attach a WIP patch
    • submitted patch for review
  • bug 1268900 NEW:: Add opt-in way to immediately deserialize a message after serializing it
    • addressed the review comment


  • Checked 0522 nightly crashes for uptime
  • bug 1270190 NEW:: Missing symbols for Windows ntdll.dll@0x4bb7a and kernelbase.dll@0x10ab
    • checking how can we fix that
  • bug 1274075 NEW:: IndexedDB ObjectStore AddOrPut operation crashes when attempting to send too much data via an IPC pipe
    • started working on it
  • bug 1275162 NEW:: Crash in shutdownhang | CacheIOThread::Shutdown | CacheFileIOManager::Shutdown
    • Bug 1275167, bug 1275162 commented why I don't think they're duplicated because they get stuck in different places
  • bug 1275167 REOPENED:: Crash in shutdownhang | WaitForSingleObject | WaitForSingleObjectEx | PR_WaitCondVar | CondVar::Wait | nsEventQueue::GetEvent | nsThread::ProcessNextEvent | XPTC__InvokebyIndex or nsThread::Shutdown
    • Bug 1275167, bug 1275162 commented why I don't think they're duplicated because they get stuck in different places
  • bug 1219914 NEW:: 25MiB AWSY regression when re-enabling jemalloc 4
    • retriggered try pushes for talos comparision
    • finally got jemalloc4 enabled on try, ni'd :jmaher for talos comparison


  • bug 1262210 NEW:: Creating objects without properties is slower than creating objects with properties
    • according to the MIR graphs, the code flow looks sane. Found out the issue only occurs when it compilation thread turned off, which leads a very slow but correct result.
    • close to the root cause; doing more experiments and asking for consultanting
    • need to take a look at the reason of generating two copies of MIR

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