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  • Checked crashes of nightly 0529 for uptime
  • bug 1277138 NEW:: Crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::ipc::FatalError | mozilla::dom::PContentChild::SendGetProcessAttributes
    • investigated it a bit, it seems socorro might have wrong build id with the reports.
  • bug 1274075 NEW:: IndexedDB ObjectStore AddOrPut operation crashes when attempting to send too much data via an IPC pipe
    • submitted wip v1


  • bug 1272018 NEW:: Use shared memory to send images for drag and drop
    • Requested review
  • bug 1275398 NEW:: Use shared memory to send images in IPCDataTransfer
    • Debugging shmem leak for the patch
    • Requested review


  • bug 1267690 NEW:: Transparency black/flickering in Vimeo icons
    • get a positive feedback to replace the old negative feedback. Be asking for review.
  • bug 1208646 NEW:: 3D CSS demo rendered extremely slowly
    • Fix backface hidden feature at compositor.'
    • Asking Brian to review the patch about OMTA for perserve3d layers.


  • bug 1271890 NEW:: Crash in base::win::PEImage::GetProcAddress
    • Summarize current findings
    • Investigating, trying to understand sandbox broker
  • bug 1264642 NEW:: Reduce the contiguous address space needed for StructuredClone serialization
    • Refactoring and rebasing patches


  • bug 1261143 NEW:: Ghost windows on leading to long CC times
    • prepare for review
  • bug 1264566 NEW:: [e10s] UAC error message "Acces Denied" when doing action on file/folder after upload in Firefox with form submit
    • request for review
    • tracing leaked nsMIMEInputStream, ni smaug


  • bug 1262210 NEW:: Creating objects without properties is slower than creating objects with properties
    • now waiting NI for the possible solution.
    • now trying to find out whom modified the fixed slots of an object, to make it with extra 4 slots, incorrectly
  • bug 1276097 NEW:: Add a bytecode sanity check
    • to add Uptime related bytecode sanity check

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