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  • Checked 0724 nightly crashes
  • bug 1278505 RESOLVED::FIXED Save As PDF causes: [Child 91980] ###!!! ASSERTION: Deallocator for PPrintProgressDialogChild should not be called on nsPrintingProxy.: 'Not Reached', file embedding/components/printingui/ipc/nsPrintingProxy.cpp
    • Landed, requested for approval to uplift to aurora
  • bug 759252 ASSIGNED:: Use CSS animations for the loading and connecting throbbers
    • Dupe bug 1288986 to bug 759252, moved the svg work there
  • bug 1289278 RESOLVED::FIXED Crash in mozilla::net::CacheFileIOManager::GetCacheDirectory
    • received r+, on try now, about landing
    • Filed bug 1289278 and submitted a patch
  • bug 1288986 RESOLVED::DUPLICATE Tab loading throbber is still jittering when e10s is on
    • Bug 1288986 submitted a poc patch
    • Dupe bug 1288986 to bug 759252, moved the svg work there
  • bug 1145613 NEW:: Crash in [@ ReleaseData ] & [@ ReleaseData(void*, unsigned int)]
    • Working on bug 1145613


  • Add tasktracer code for cache entry
  • Study where to insert tasktracer code for nsHttpChannel.


  • Uptime 7-25 Nightly
  • Q3 goals & deliverables. OKRs


  • Looking at top crashes on 48 beta
  • bug 1241436 NEW:: User shouldn't be able to enter email address if the "email me when more info is available" option is unchecked in the tab crash reporter
    • requested review for the patch
  • bug 1281223 REOPENED:: Crash in @0x0 | mozilla::dom::PContentChild::DestroySubtree
    • got r- with the debug register approach. Propose a new version with crash in ContentChild dtor


  • Asked the way to measure bailout time and impact; will try to obtain more data according to that
  • Try to figure out why ion.json cannot be produced correctly while generating the log data from Google Doc: the JSON is corrupted I the middle of the file
  • Try to measure how much time spent on bailout for data from the Google doc case; try to write a new timer for that
  • bug 1269690 NEW:: [Perf][google docs] 45.25%(4528ms) slower than Chrome when opening 1 page table content
    • Bailouts halved when the case is empty
    • Generating data for bug 1269690. I will keep on generating more related data :


  • bug 1249698 NEW:: Dead CPOW errors should have actual stack / file / line information
    • requested reivew
  • bug 1265324 REOPENED:: [e10s] Typing is garbled after backspacing
    • trying to reproduce the problem

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