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Weekly Priorities

  • ting: memory fragmentation, but don't know what's the relation, so it is expected to not be done next week. But at least will have the analysis result.
  • cervantes:
    • Objective 1: Could solve one crash bug (working on progress: open dup handle).
    • Objective 2: Continue to survey the e10s bug; and maybe for heap memory allocation issue
  • wcpan:
    • Objective 1: Fix potential bugs (coverity) & try the e10s typing bug for 1 day
  • kanru:
    • Objective 2: most frequent crashes map to comopnents
    • (tidy up rest e10s bugs)
  • thinker:
    • (tasktracer uses too much memory, needs to shrink it)
    • Objective 3: GDoc: http request network performance -> whether the request get blocked or not, and how long it task for the transmission
  • greg:
    • Objective 3: Insert bailouts to code/bytecode to analyses the potential impacts


  • Sep: Many team members plan to take PTOs for the Mid-Autumn Festival.