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OKR confidence

  1. O: Make Firefox more stable [current crash rates]
    1. KR: 1.2 nightly browser crashes per 100 ADI (per-month median)
      • Current: 1.99
    2. KR: 0.3 nightly startup crashes per 100 ADI (per-month median)
      • Current: 0.86
    3. KR: 2.0 nightly content crashes per 100 ADI (per-month median)
      • Current: 8.33
  2. O: Make crashes easier to find & fix
    1. KR: 90% new crashes have associated bugs opened and tracked
      • Current: no metric
  3. O: Improve Google document performance on Firefox
    1. O: Understand Google document performance issues on Firefox
      1. KR: Reduced the problem space to a finite areas that we can improve
        • Current: no metric

Health Checks

  1. Test code coverage (minus crash/no return code path)
    • N/A
  2. Team mental health
    • Good
  3. ADI / DAU / MAU
    • N/A

Previous Week

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  • Uptime 0801 nightly triage
  • bug 1291535 NEW:: Crash in xpc::NativeGlobal
    • Looking at bug 1291535
  • bug 907096 NEW:: crash in nsInterfaceRequestorAgg::GetInterface(nsID const&, void**) via mozilla::psm::TransportSecurityInfo::GetInterface
    • Looking at bug 907096


  • bug 1265324 REOPENED:: [e10s] Typing is garbled after backspacing
    • Bug 1265324 - cannot reproduce


  • Found a way to trigger bailout manually: adding `debugger` in the client code; need to find a solution to add in parsed code for GDocs
  • Sent the bailout build to QA. They will measure the impact for me.


  • Checked 0731 nightly crashes
  • bug 1145613 NEW:: Crash in [@ ReleaseData ] & [@ ReleaseData(void*, unsigned int)]
    • Bug 1145613 am still checking nsTArray
    • Bug 1145613 checked coverity, nsCString, nsACString, nsAString_internal, nsACString_internal constructors, but still found nothing suspecious
    • Bug 1145613 checked few more crashes with different signatures, but still clueless
  • bug 965936 NEW:: [meta] Virtual address space fragmentation
    • Bug 965936 created a script to download nightly crash dumps and output the fragmentation info


  • bug 1145613 NEW:: Crash in [@ ReleaseData ] & [@ ReleaseData(void*, unsigned int)]
    • Commented bug 1145613
  • bug 1241436 RESOLVED::FIXED User shouldn't be able to enter email address if the "email me when more info is available" option is unchecked in the tab crash reporter
    • Landed bug 1241436
  • bug 1286802 NEW:: Add some heap areas to the minidump
    • Bug 1286802 - revising the patch
    • Bug 1286802 - working on the memory allocation in exception context: use HeapAlloc API
  • bug 1284674 RESOLVED::FIXED Can we remove Nuwa?
    • Reviewed bug 1284674
  • bug 1253575 NEW:: crash in mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::ipc::GeckoChildProcessHost::OpenPrivilegedHandle
    • Landed bug 1253575
  • bug 1266440 RESOLVED::FIXED Remove crash annotation IPCExtraSystemError once bug 1258317 is fixed
    • Landed bug 1266440


  • I have found content of script tags would be run before following content of the document arrive. It means CSS and other resources would not be handled for blocking by a long run script in a script tag. Interruptible script runner maybe helpful.

This Week Priorities


  • Structured Clone (reduce OOM)
  • Crash components
  • JS stack in crash report


  • Network, focus on load resource earlier
  • Improve task tracer (scriptable interface)
  • idea: randomly insert guard pages


  • Study heap memory in minidump, experiment with previous crashes
  • idea: guard pages for jemalloc arena
  • e10s media crash, possibley gmp related


  • Fix Coverity discovered bugs


  • Fragmentation. Experiment on previous crash to see the virtual memory layout
  • RelaseData() crash


  • JavaScript GC slowness on GDoc
  • Wait bailout result from QA


  • Sep: Many team members plan to take PTOs for the Mid-Autumn Festival.