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Why does the entire UI for adding a live feed need to be available all the time? It seems like it should be sufficient to have a link for adding a live bookmark and a normal bookmark.

To make the addition process quick and painless - Ben 19:42, 5 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Architecture proposal

I think feedview should hook into gecko at [1].

I was thinking about using the observer service, but that may not be too good, as we had to have the observer running. An alternative way would be to use the category service, which I favour right now. Then the content sink could instantiate the components itself. Should we somehow cache the components?

The code flow would go something like this: In DidBuildModel, enumerate the category, get the services and ask them. One issue we need to solve is what to do with BBC-style feeds. We can either

  • let them do their own thing, and let the browser UI peek for XMLDocument to display life-bookmarking UI,
  • give XML Stylings a chance to format the XML.

If we go for the latter (which includes all kinds of preferencing, too), we need to enumerate the xml stylings for each XML document load. This is less intrusive than feedview was before, but still quite hefty.

For each service in the category, we should call a method on something like nsIXMLStyleProvider, which would either return null or an object with properties

 * Type could be either text/xml or text/css
string type;

 * The stylesheet URL, like chrome://feedview/atom.xsl
DOMString url; (I'd prefer separate stylesheets per feed type)

 * indicate whether the stylesheet should overrule an existing stylesheet
 * or not, based on prefs implemented inside the style provider
short priority;

Should we handle Mixed Documents at all? In this particular case, I'm asking about supporting multiple stylesheets per document. The case where we just have xhtml inside an atom feed can be easily handled by the atom stylesheet. I'm currently thinking that XML content likely to show up inside mixed documents should rather use XTF or XBL2 or something than Stylings (yeah, crappy term, come up with a good one). --AxelHecht 04:52, 19 Aug 2005 (PDT)