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Why the revert?

I'm wondering why user:Benjamin Smedberg reverted my addition to this article. He gave no reason, and the page itself says "This page is intended to collect ideas...", so I see no reason why I shouldn't put things here. The page is for collecting ideas, and I gave an idea, so it certainly doesn't seem like vandalism to me. If there is a good reason, then someone please TELL ME, and point me to a page where it does belong. Until then, I'm putting back my text. -FunnyMan3595 20:28, 25 Aug 2005 (PDT)

FunnyMan3595: I created a page off your User page and then linked to that, as it's how we're hoping to catalog all the design thoughts for the various issues. Thanks! -Beltzner 10:45, 31 Oct 2005 (PST)

Tabs switching via Mouse Scroll Wheel

This is one of the absolutely coolest Features of KDE/Qt Widgets.

It would be nice, if Firefox would allow this also, so it is blending more nively into a KDE Environment.

Tutorial Mode

I think that relying on a tutorial mode (or indeed any online help) to train anyone is a waste of time. The trouble is that all users, regardless of experience expect to be able to sit down and start using the software. People are never in the frame of mind to read documentation and instructions on how they can improve their experience, they have their own ideas about how things work. Did you read the instruction manual for your car cover to cover? For your microwave oven? No.

That said, I think much of the online help could be /replaced/ (instead of augmented) by some thoughtfully designed audio/visual tutorials that linked to various help buttons, the start page, etc. E.g. a discussion about being safe online, etc. Ben 21:20, 18 Jan 2006 (PST)