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I use all sorts of Operating Systems in a university environment, and I'm pleased that Firefox keys and behavior are consistent across platforms, When I use it on my Mac however, It really bugs me that I can't middle click links to get them in tabs. I know this isn't an issue for users of apple mice, but many professional mac users have three button mice and it really helps me effectively use Firefox one handed.

I think that Automator and Spotlight integration should be added to the Mac:Home Page under the UI section. Not bugs but features, here are the Bugzilla addresses.

no need for underscores

mediawiki automaticly converts spaces to underscores, so the links to Mac:Cocoa_Widgets and Mac:Build_Requirements can be left with spaces instead of underscores, for beter looks.

Cocoa in XPCOM

See also Cocoa In XPCOM.