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Hi! Welcome to the Project/2010 Goals discuss page! Click the plus sign (+) above to ask questions or add in your ideas below. Please read through the existing comments before adding your own.

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Why Not Use the Wiki for Discussions?

Deb Richardson clearly outlined why we don't want to use the wiki as our main forum for discussion:

As for the wikis -- one problem i see possibly happening there is someone coming along and deleting other peoples' feedback or ideas. Also, inviting folks to provide their feedback directly in the wiki pages will dilute the value of those pages as a distillation of the discussions being held elsewhere. I'd suggest that maybe the pages should initially be protected (or labeled as "do not change without permission of the goals discussion leads" like the Firefox planning pages). They could be used to collate and archive the discussion summaries from each group/source, which would then be distilled down even further into overall summaries to be used as the basis for revisions or further discussions.
I think having people participate in goals discussions in a format that encourages discussion (face-to-face meetings or standard email lists/newsgroups/forums) is going to be more effective in keeping the discussion focused and on topic. Wikis are really lousy for discussion for a wide variety of reasons, but should be great for recording and archiving the results of the discussions held elsewhere.

The Web is Open again, let's build on it.

Firefox was and still is a great tool to build an Open Web. Thanks to Mozilla, competition is back in the browser field, innovation is back in web technologies and the Web is a better and more open place. Now we should think of what we can do with this Open Web.

When I think about concepts such as "open, decentralized, participatory" and I try to connect it with data, which is so important in our information society, then I always end up thinking about Web applications.

Web applications are tools that are gaining a lot of attention these days. Not only for developers - because they look cool/Web 2.0 and involves a lot of AJAX/innovative web technologies - but for every Internet users, because they are useful.

And yet, there is no "open, decentralized, participatory" solutions of this kind. Most people knows about Google docs, Zoho office... and I am sure I am not the only one waiting for Mozilla Web Apps suite.

Lrbabe 12:42, 21 November 2008 (UTC)