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points 1 and 12 are the same

Actually, point 1 refers to the icon label (the name under the icon), point 12 to the icon image itself. Thanks for flagging, I've tweaked the text to make it clearer. - Paul Kim

I love Firefox, but to help it take off, the several things that are better in Internet Explorer should at least be equaled in Firefox. For example, new tabs should open next to the tab that opened them, and when closed, return to the last tab displayed. Bookmarks should be more easily organized, etc. - Seth Berger

I didn't see any options along these lines in "about:config", maybe its been addressed in bugzilla? I second the "new tab next to existing one" feature. --George3 10:23, 12 August 2007 (PDT)

Perhaps prompt users what they want their homepage to be when they launch firefox for the first time (possibly offering popular search engines as easy 1-click options). I've tried to move my non-technical family to Firefox, and the concept they have the most trouble with is tabs, and new tabs in particular. They're unfamiliar with middle-clicking to open a link in a new tab, and by default, any new tabs they open manually are empty. If a new tab brought up their home page by default (which they were prompted to set on their first use) the first time they clicked the 'Opens a new tab' button, they might be more receptive.

I'll also often come back and find them using IE again, simply because they thought they were just clicking 'the internet' button, rather than a specific browser button. So more reinforcement of the Firefox shortcut being explicitly labelled as a web browser, rather than just 'Mozilla Firefox' would help. For non-technical users, the 'Mozilla' part is probably just redundant.

Point 1 of 12 - Mozilla Firefox icon label

From the slide [1], "Firefox Internet" is a poor choice because: 1) it perpetuates the thinking that a web browser == the Internet and 2) could even give some the impression that it's somehow Firefox's version of the Internet (like AOL Internet)?. --George3 10:23, 12 August 2007 (PDT)

concerns over taking over the default makes it sound like we plan on taking over the defaults without asking the user.

this is something that I believe both netscape / ie did back in the day (3.0 / 4.0) and I remember it being a very bad experience for the end user.

Both sides appear to have settled on prompting and asking instead of silently taking over. If we go down this road, what stops ie from doing the same thing on service pack updates?

Neither the dialog shown here, nor the flowcharts show the old "Don't ask me this again" checkbox. Is the plan to remove it and pester users forever?

Suggestion - Firefox "Mixes" to Download

I've always felt that the impression Firefox gives on first use is a little "meh". The default skin is plain to the point of being unattractive, the default feature set simple and unexciting. This may go towards explaining the poor take-up by people who have tried it.

I do strongly agree that Firefox should be kept stripped-down and minimalistic at heart. But as well as this barebones version, I think it should also be available for download in a selection of "pre-customized" packages. These would install Firefox with a combination of add-ons and skins that had been thoroughly tested to work well together, and which could be aimed at particular types of users.

This would greatly raise the chance that the new user would feel they had found something special, that was "for" them. It would also immediately introduce them to extensibility, which is one of Firefox's most addicting features.

Community members could concoct and post their own Firefox "mixes", and vote on which will be offered on the download page. Sergei

Suggestion - Detect IE Favorite/History Changes and Offer to Re-import

Given that a common scenario involves not accepting default on day 1, this could be an important, and productive way, to bring up the default browser dialogue. andyed

404'd Images

The two images (on under point #5 have been 404'd for the past two days --George3 16:00, 17 September 2007 (PDT)