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Agenda proposal:

Gmail Configuration: POP and IMAP

I recommend that we default to IMAP as the default transfer protocol during GMail configuration.


Support the goals of the Thunderbird 3 release, especially

  1. To increase adoption of Thunderbird
  2. To improve usability


  1. The user should have the choice between POP and IMAP
  2. Prevents possible loss of data: if the POP account is used to backup data elsewhere, pulling the data with a second POP account will misdirect and thus "lose" data.
  3. Users will expect Thunderbird to choose the better choice, and most people agree that IMAP is "better" than POP.

Disadvantages of IMAP as default

  1. People need to enable IMAP in GMail; however, the same is true for POP.
  2. Some people may not know the difference, and if we give them a choice, they might abort the configuration.


Will you please discuss this at your next weekly meeting?

Thank you,

--Jcarroll 09:25, 23 August 2008 (UTC)