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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? dmose

Action Items


  • davida: file a bug on getting an announcements feed going on
  • davida: file a bug on getting a
  • everyone: look for delight bugs for the next release, put [delight] in status whiteboard
  • dmose: will send out email scheduling drivers meeting for 9:30 Thursday


  • dmose: clarifying post about how TB 3.0 roadmap should work w.r.t feature freeze, string freeze, etc.
    • Will blog about dates talked about

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • Post Mortem needs scheduling
    • who needs to be there? davida, wswmk, nthomas, gozer, standard8, emre, dmose, ____?
    • nthomas unavailability unknown
    • davida to send out email, hopefully this week

Thunderbird 3

  • lots of triage has happened; not yet completed
  • some question about use of Target-Milestone field
  • action item(dmose): email drivers to schedule meeting this week

Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • wsmwk is the Q&A lead of Beta 1
  • Standard8 is the release driver

Main Issues

  • davida pointed out that pace seems slow
    • what happens if we don't get enough wanted bugs?
      • go forward as planned
      • insert milestone (and rename?)
      • bug owners requested to
        • update status whiteboard of blocking & wanted bugs
        • focus on bugs with string changes
      • drivers to discuss further thursday
  • 3 blockers with no owner:
    • bug 429118 Thunderbird inline spell check broken
    • bug 430762 Start page for Alpha/Beta builds - is this a dup?
      • davida & Standard8 to discuss post meeting
    • bug 451257 Using "Edit as new" for random messages sometimes crashes Thunderbird [@ pixman_malloc_abc]
      • hopefully crash-stats return in the next week or two will give us insight here
  • L10N builds at risk:
    • mozilla-central currently has no automated L10N builds
    • Uncertain as to current capability to do L10N builds for Thunderbird
    • No instructions for L10N builds from comm-central
    • no L10N dashboard (i.e. compare locales)
    • if the infrastructure doesn't come together, should skip string freeze and possibly l10n builds for this milestone rather than slipping
    • davida/kairo will keep an eye on l10n discussion in Fx product meeting
  • String Freeze - Are we on course to get string changes in for next week?
    • Account Configuration bug 422814
      • At the very least, cert-auth is at risk
    • Password Manager bug 239131
      • May not make it, although FF password manager should already be localised for most folks, the preference pane changes are still outstanding.
    • Gloda bug 450494
      • davida: relatively few strings, need to be concerned about UI for upgrading
    • Inline card dialog bug 450724
      • Standard8: on track
    • Improved Message Reader View bug 449691
      • dmose: mostly on track, some risk, looks to be easy to split and land partially

QA Updates

  • huge nose dive in unconfirmed last week - so trend of good results from bugday and other efforts continues
  • Offline/online bug triage net results - two weeks ago started with 39 bugs with no comment since 2007-08-01, now down to 17 bugs. (in fact only 17 have no comments before 2008-05-30) So, a qualified success - but would be great if more people were comfortable working on them :)
  • this week's bugday focus will be, at least in part, bugs with patches that need love (defined as last bug comment older than 200 days ago)

Gmail Configuration: POP and IMAP

From Jcarroll 09:25, 23 August 2008 (UTC):

See proposed agenda items in the discussion page.

  • davida likes the idea of IMAP
  • need to consider UI implications of Googles tag/folder mapping and what deletion means (viz deletion from saved searches?)
  • part of the autoconfig stuff davida is working on


Status Updates

  • driving
  • autoconfig work w/ bienvenu & benb
  • held full text indexing meeting
  • discussions with mconnor and davida on flags & driving strategies rejiggered the process and updated <>
  • updated Tb3 schedule page on wiki
  • updated Tb about:crashes patch (bug 431439)
  • new message view work
  • reviewed account wizard extensibility patch (bug 433801)
  • made a review pass through nsLDAPURL reimplemation patch (bug 419595; needed for pwmgr)
  • Another round of preparatory closemes, now ~250+ TB bugs waiting to be closed in a few weeks.
    • ~1,000 unconfirmed bugs will be closed since bugdays were started 5 months ago.
  • (Really) Finally repaired bugday queries.
  • Gristmill now works for Thunderbird / Sunbird! (thanks mschroeder)
  • Some more address book rewrite stuff
  • Started on an SQL backend, see [1]
  • Driving & Reviews
  • Address Book
    • bug 451361 Allow OS X address book selection in junk white list.
  • Autocomplete
    • bug 438861 Revised fix for passing results back to a previous search and committed
  • Password Manager
    • bug 419595 Fixes to LDAP implementation, needs updated patch.
  • Unit Tests
    • bug 450884 Enabled (most) TUnit tests in an effort to improve tinderbox stability (see bug for details).
      • Stability seems to have improved, but still evaluating.

(I will not be on the call today.)

  • gloda landing bug 450494
    • my status
      • have updated gloda mercurial repo to be able to "drop it in" by checking it out into mailnews/db/global. This allows a dual-existence for the time being. (Of course, a patch is required to get make to walk down into gloda's directory. Forgot to publish that, will do that.)
      • unit tests writing in progress, will be back in the office on that Tuesday eve. Hope to push a first batch of working tests out soon. They will depend on some helpers I have as a patch against the mailnews core.
      • have bolstered the in-code javadoc-style (some epydoc-style) comments.
    • what I would like
      • If the potential reviewers (I am thinking bienvenu and Standard8?) could start to look at the repository, probably starting from modules/gloda.js, that would be great.
        • Standard8 probably won't have time; dmose volunteered
      • we should probably plan on tele-con walkthroughs after some initial familiarization/review has occurred. I had done one with dmose and bienvenu back when dmose was up in Vancouver, and that went pretty well. A lot has happened since then, though, so bienvenu might still want in on such a walkthrough. We should probably do this after I get at least the first batch of unit tests out.
  • other
    • I helped justdave with a MIME-related bug and even wrote a unit test! (waiting on netwerk review for the fix, though.)
  • Continued work on easy autoconfig - testing logon verification and port probing.
  • Wrote patch for bug 440366 all keywords/tags of a mail will be deleted if attachment is detached, awaiting review
  • Investigating bug 450649 pop3 partial download broken for global inbox
  • Continued work on saved search grouping+threading
  • Code reviews, 3.0b1 and 3.0 bug triage
  • Still working on bug 440793, bug 439097, bug 436615. A feature complete patch has been submitted. Going to work on it next couple days to make the strategy object scriptable.
  • We've now got the basic infrastructure in place to run our own http:// sites
    • Capable of sustaining the 8,000,000 hits a day we've been hearing about
    • Sample Staging website for instance
    • Support for https:// needs a little bit more work
  • Landed bug bug 450456 - TB now has a disk cache!
  • Learned of the web component part of the Autoconfiguration work from BenB
    • validates that * is the right DNS structure for all things needed by Thunderbird itself
    • brought up interesting issues of trust and SSL certificates
      • larger discussion needed; davida will blog about once this is a bit further along
    • I'd like to get the general feel about including our own CA in Thunderbird's trusted CA list.
  • Decided it's simpler to host the Lightning/gdata buildbots ourselves, instead of trying to reuse the current community boxes
    • Should happen this week
  • Brought our test Zimbra install in sync with what's at MoCo to help Calendar folks with debugging problems bug 450534
  • Will be somewhat on/off this week for family reasons
  • weighed in start page, and on some UI issues
  • numerous bug triage, with some focus on profile and startup bugs
  • monitoring and m.f.prerelease.thunderbird
  • pushed on bug 258465 Duplicate entries appear in feeds [RSS] and about speech accessibility bug 395631 Using Vista's speech recognition application it is not possible to dictate into Thunderbird's message compose window, which dupes to bug 395484
  • trying to keep up with bugmail from Bryan's flurry of responses :)
  • Continuing work on PR plan.
  • Working on promotional materials to have on hand, giveaways, conferences.
  • Working on updating the web site.