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Hi Blake -

I have a few questions about the MCP. Is the idea to have the MCP be run on a central server? If so, it sounds like that would conflict with your first line where you don't want clients talking to (really depending on) a centralized server.

If the idea is to have the MCP distributed with the client (but not part of it), then I'm not clear why you would bother with creating a local database, since most people would be running the account setup perhaps a couple of times a year or less.

Or was the thought to eventually have the MCP be some sort of distributed / mirrored system, where the client would talk to it and get a mirror which responds quickly with the results (like the openpgp (pks) keyserver system).

If you can clarify the idea a bit more that would be helpful.


Blake: Yeah, that's what was in my notes, and I agree that the first two statements conflict a little. I'll try and get some clarification today, and update the wiki. Thanks!