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The information on this page is outdated.


We need to aim for a world where mail clients don't talk to central server to figure out what their configuration should be.

To get there, we should minimize changes to autoconfig on TB side, or, in short, don't push logic into the client.

So instead of that, we'll have a design where TB talks to a "Master Configuration Process" (MCP), which returns the "right thing".

  • The MCP will look at static files, DNS endpoints, Google Apps handlers, etc…
    • It will talk over http to the various endpoints.
    • The partial ordering, by priority is DNS, then XML, then Django. It is still unresolved where the Google Apps handler will fit in.
  • MCP also generates logs, into a database, then to some sort of reports.
    • The logs will indicate 404s and 200s, and other stuff to be decided.
    • One of the reports should show top n failing domains, and email the administrators of the domains, letting them know that we're adding them, and how they can get involved (either by adding their info to the ISPDB, or by creating a bug like bug 524045 in bugzilla, or by setting the appropriate text record in their dns).


The current ISPDB django app can currently talk to those things, and so the MCP should probably borrow some code from it. Similarly, Rich wrote some DNS-checking code which could be used in the meantime

A Google Apps handler needs to be written. See bug 545495.

Finally, we also need a way to support both IMAP and POP.

  • We could add more than 1 incomingServer to the xml, in the order we prefer to use them.

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