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  • Roland - we have a separate bug for disabling Archive altogether bug 542998, should that be added to the Archive section, Bryan?
  • The AutoSync default section somehow wants to link to a bug that captures the concerns expressed in and around [1]. Maybe fold this into the main page somehow?
  • Roland - rough list of Support Priorities i.e. based on Support Requests in Get Satisfaction and elsewhere: User_talk:Rtanglao/User3.1UXPriorities
  • Gmail Integration - There should be a special folder for Starred emails, like the special folders for Sent, Spam, Trash etc. Starring emails is integral to the design of Gmail, but if you star an email in Thunderbird, in order to look at all your starred emails you have to click the Account Folder -> [Google Mail] -> Starred. Even when you do get to the Starred folder, it does not have a nice icon like the other Special folders. The Starred folder should appear in the main Smart Folder menu for Gmail accounts and should be more important than the Spam folder.--Stephen Judge 06:15, 29 April 2010 (UTC)