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  • Implementing Windows Live Mail message import bug 561562 seems like a good candidate to improve first-run experience for a large number of people.
  • Attachment area (in message reader): Please add a link for "dataminers". It's more than just "Layout". It's completely broken for keyboard users:

Bug 573230 Attachments in attachment panel are not focusable (regression), thus completely inaccessible for keyboard users. Plus dependants: Bug 315144, Bug 281046, Bug 373996, Bug 285997, Bug 446313. AttachUXtracker has the full list of usability issues / proposed enhancements for attachment pane in its dependency tree. Based on current layout (rather than reinventing the wheel), we might want to toggle attachment view between List Mode and Details Mode.

Multi-line Message List in Vertical View?

Please consider Bug 213945 for the next TB release. I and so many others have stopped using TB only because multi-line previews of the emails are not available. With all these wide-screens available, the vertical-view with message-pane is so useful - but not like this. I currently use Apple Mail with Letterbox and it's "ok" - I'd really like to go back to TB...

Compose in Tabs?

Any roadmap for Bug 449299? About 100 votes, currently the highest no of votes for any TB bug. Is it already in the making? Some devs' information/feedback on the bug would also be appreciated by many contributors who tried to provide ideas.

Compact Quick Filter Widget?

We've had adamant reactions about our hunger for vertical space by introduction of the new header pane, and the new filter bar with up to too toolbars height. As a fallback option for users who have a need or preference for saving space (e.g. on Netbooks), the Simple Quickfilter Widget presented in Bug 570815 might be worthwhile to consider for implementation.

Fix composition font/markup problems?

The second-most reported problem with Thunderbird on the getsatisfaction board, seems like it might be worth prioritizing (see bug 250539).

Windows 7-specific features

In Firefox 4.0 there are context application features in Windows 7 like: - Opening a new tab - Entering private mode etc.

In Thunderbird it can be even more useful by adding shortcuts to Creating new message, Displaying calendar, Adding events to calendar (Lightning), Checking for new messages, etc.