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This page reflects where Mozilla Messaging is focusing its development energy during the Thunderbird 3.2 time frame.

If you have feedback on this list itself, please add it to the Discussion page.

Folks interested in participating in any of this work are encouraged to review and volunteer on the corresponding bugs linked from this page. If a bug isn't linked feel free to file it and add it to the discussion section.




  • Search Results
    • RTL layout of timeline bug 601926
    • Improve the results layout
      • Show folder message is in, allow people to open the folder with the message highlighted
      • Improve the attachments display
      • Show and highlight "match text" in message text display
      • When indexing is not yet completed (maybe also off)
    • Improve changing the search terms
  • Improve the search experience when gloda is turned off


  • Improve the first time Archive experience bug 511741

Look & Feel

  • Mac
    • Lighten up theme colors - we are very dark right now
  • Windows
  • Linux
    •  ???


  • Mark all messages read in Search folder bug 405627

Unified/Smart Folders

  • Drop down chooser for more obvious way to change mode ??? [son of bug 535021]

Account Setup Wizard

  • Improve the look
  • POP accounts need warning about 14 day delete policy bug 531088

One-click Address Book

  • Swap out the old Address Book context menu with our new one-click dialog (dialog needs improvements) bug 545559
  • Choose which address book to save to in the dialog bug 456167

Mac Dock Icon


  • Reply, Reply All, Reply List chooser — bug 525070

Attachment Reminder

  • Improve the text of the notification bar to be less "geeky"

Activity Manager

  • Handle the "empty" case where there hasn't been activity yet bug 545477

Gloda perf for big mail stores

  • display a summary of the amount of space the gloda index is taking bug 545479

Message Reader

bug 620781 - add dictionary switching to the spell check context menu

Attachments Areas

  • Better attachments area layout (see dataminers)

First Use

Improve the first use of Thunderbird for new users