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Note: Talkilla has now been superseded by the Loop project
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Service Provider Adapter Outline

The Talkilla Service Provider adapters are used to integrate different services with Talkilla. They are designed to allow simple integration of different server APIs with the Talkilla UI.

The basic architecture for service providers is shown below:


There are three primary components in the Talkilla system; The WebAPP (primary user interface), the Talkilla Worker (background tasks, notifications, etc.) and the SPA Worker (API interface to the SP backed servers). The workers are javascript based web-workers.

The WebApp provides the UI to the user, namely the sidebar, chat window and other pages. The WebApp only communicates to the background worker.

For other devices/browsers, it is expected that the workers will still be loaded, but into a single web page rather than the current Social API layout.

The background worker is responsible for:

  • Managing communications between UI components within the browser (e.g. sidebar, chat windows)
  • Managing the application when there is no UI shown
  • Managing communications with the service provider adapters

The Service Provider Adapters (SPAs) are responsible for translating communications from the worker into appropriate events and messages for the SP’s servers and vice versa.

The Talkilla service provider is the baseline provider for Talkilla and will provide presence and connections for users using Talkilla without additional Service Providers.

The Talkilla WebApp manages the necessary connection objects, passing signalling information via the background worker and SPAs for delivery to the peer or server. The SPAs will not be capable of creating their own WebRTC connections.


The Worker to SPA API is documented on the Talkilla/SPA API page.