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Meeting Details

  • 2:00pm Pacific Time (21:00 UTC) on Tuesdays
    • (5PM Eastern US, 11PM Oslo, 6AM (Wed) Seoul, 7AM (Wed) Melbourne)
  • Meeting ID: 8262746 (TAMARIN)
    • California: 408-536-9900
    • Toll-Free(US & Canada): 877-220-5439
    • International: +1-408-536-9900
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • join irc.mozilla.org #tamarin for attendence taking and questions

In Attendance

Brendan Eich, Blake Kaplan, Jason Orendorff, Tom Reilly, Lars Hansen, Jeff Dyer, Edwin Smith, Mark Hammond, Seo Sanghyeon, Dan Smith

(Other attendees, add yourself to the attendance list)

Development Updates

Screaming Monkey

  • how to complete stage 0 of screaming monkey? Having self-hosted compiler available would help Mark. Compiler requirements are simple -- just be able to print.
  • Jeff: Minimal self-hosting compiler available by end of month
  • Mark is working with just the abc files. Not a blocking issue at the moment.
  • Mark: working on scripting, need to figure out how to add extensions. status: engine is communicating but not doing much yet.


Quick introductions and areas of expertise:

  • Lars Hansen: ES4
  • Tom Reilly: garbage collection
  • Jeff Dyer: compiler, self-hosting compiler (esc) author
  • Brendan Eich: to blame for JavaScript
  • Blake Kaplan: spidermonkey engineer
  • Jason Orendorff: ActionMonkey
  • Mark Hammond: python active scripting engine, ScreamingMonkey engineer
  • Sanghyeon Seo: IronMonkey (working part-time, available more starting in September)
  • Erik Tierney: compiler/VM engineer
  • Dan Smith: Tamarin engineering mgmt


Seo has limited time to work on IronMonkey until September.

Tamarin Goals

Brendan: Goal is to ensure Tamarin is small and fast enough to be the foundation for ECMAScript to start and then other languages.

ECMAScript 4 Features

ECMAScript 4 Specification Status:

  • Reference implementation available at ECMAScript.org. Trac db for reporting bugs. Wiki will be up soon.
  • Lars and Francis Cheng working full time on specification. Retiring TG1 wiki as we move to spec.
  • Brendan: End of Sep is feature freeze ; want to implement a lot of ES4 in Tamarin
  • Jeff Dyer: self-hosting work has been going on in monotone repository using ES4 RI. Once it is self-hosting it will move to Tamarin. Goal is to produce a subset of ES4 that can be hosted on Tamarin today. Jeff is optimistic that compiler will be self-hosting before the end of August.
  • Dan: Dick Sweet's Decimal support is ready for review and submission. Requires review from Rick Reitmaier, who is OOO until 8/20.
  • Brendan: need to assess which features are least likely to change; additions to type system? Probably won’t start fully on ES4 features until self-hosting compiler is available.
  • Erik: status of generators. Available in asc code base using only compiler changes. ES4 spec change means no constraints on GC when collecting generator.
  • Leon Sha (not present): working on solaris port of Tamarin

Other work

  • Volunteer needed for 64-bit port.
    • Brendan: Johnny Stenbeck may be able to help out with 64-bit on Linux.
    • Dan: Steve Harris may be able to help out as well.
  • Volunteers: post to Tamarin-devel your experience.