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27th November 2007

Jason -

  • mmgc thread safe posted as patch ready for review
    • tom to review by end of week
  • large corresponding patch in Spidermonkey pending

Moh (Vtune) -

  • Good progress with the call graph
  • Vtune issue with call graph in the rt library; fixed by Vtune team
  • Vtune biz dev working on making interface of Vtune to public
    • Need to make header file public for integration with Tamarin
    • May need support from us to convince Intel biz dev that it is helpful and should be made public
    • The license is TBD
    • Brendan notes that the licensing must be compatible with Mozilla's.

Mark H (ScreamingMonkey)

  • Demo didn't quite make it for Brendan's last talk
  • Working with Brent to get the headless chessapp
    • The JIT version is 15x the Jscript.NET versiom, 20x slower than C#
  • Sent mail to tamarin-devel regarding global objects; response from Ed
  • ESC is quite slow
  • Would like to see ESC integrated into the build environment;

Seo (ironmonkey)

  • Using Cli disassembler library (Cecil)
  • Will use OP_callmethod to map early bound cli instructions to Tamarin


  • John Resig / Brent are investigating a performance problem (probably an infinite loop)
  • Quick, somebody file a bug! and copy brendan@mozilla.org