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4th December 2007


  • Basic call graph working.
    • Business dev preso, open up vtune. Went well.
    • Licensing support. Team would have to commit to support.
    • Also want to know how does newer perf tools relate to vtune?


  • Wants more JS speed tests
  • Object array. Unshift bug needs to be filed
  • A lot of time spend in GC. Not sure how that compares to other engines


  • Currently working on translating MSIL exception handling to ABC
    • necessary to support Iron* runtime (?)
  • Goal: C# "hello world" to MSIL to ABC


  • Has patch for review by Edwin. A grab-bag of FP changes, maybe 12 bug fixes


  • Running Tamarin tests on Mac results in six failures. Not clear what the

cause is

  • Wants to land mmgc thread safe this week. Will post an updated patch.

Mark H

  • State management working properly.
  • Summary of global object issue
    • AS3 has one global object per ABC.
    • This is not how the browser work.
    • [Ed] Use façade as a clearing house for various binding
    • ESC should be able define a façade with modification of Tamarin
    • This is TBD


  • Moh/Marcia: is there any performance documentation or benchmarks?
  • Tommy: UCI team has ported JavaGrande to Tamarin
  • UPDATE from Brendan: UCI JavaGrande port is in a public svn now
  • Ed: short running test are our focus
  • Jeff: it would be interesting to profile ESC
  • Benjamin: MMGC question about back references. <sorry had to leave the room>