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8th January 2008


  • Tom
  • Steven
  • Ben
  • Jason
  • Brent
  • Erik
  • Edwin
  • Jeff
  • Rick
  • Marsha
  • Moh
  • Mark
  • Brendan


  • Tamarin summit February 1st at Adobe – SF



  • Escalated release of vtune
  • Runtime dll added to standard release of vtune
  • Need contact person at mozilla, expert in licensing, as a contact. Suggest Brendan.
  • Name of dll and header
  • Release team of VTune in Russia. Via vtune update.
  • Analyzer/bin/Jitpi.dll


  • additional modification of source code
  • release debugger build of tamarin
  • variable overhead sometimes as high ~50%, reduced to ~20%, but wondering if someone can help reduce the overhead
  • Tom and Edwin have volunteered
  • Open bug and post patch for Tom and Edwin to see


  • chess app should be up and running
  • brent owns it for now


  • optimistic binding pending for TT
  • about 30% are running as fast for TC
  • Rick: is comparision fair (e.g. sse on or off in TC)
  • 5% to 25% in jitted code
  • make better by calling helper less of ten
  • Brendan: how can we help; maybe with bugs
  • Bugs are being moved into bugzilla so take a look


  • linux build of TT in process; could use help
  • hopefully have something working in a day or two


  • question about strings
  • bug about Utf8 and Utf16
  • mozilla might want to share string class with tamarin
  • BE: might want to share interface rather than implementation
  • BE: Utf8 is generally a win
  • ES: we might consider an implementation that allows multiple encodings