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11th March 2008


  • Steven
  • Edwin
  • Graydon
  • Jennifer
  • Tom
  • Moh
  • Marsha


Moh (Vtune)

  • code now works fine despite short period of being broken
  • uploaded installation and configuration guide on wiki
  • is there an area of performance where we'd like Moh's team to focus?
    • edwin: interpreter
    • ACTION: Moh will look into some hot loops (not readu30) and provide additional information
      • is this loop related to double-byte characters not being processed efficiently? Steven would need more details to confirm.


  • there are other performance tools available. could other tools be useful?
    • we're most interested in tuning the interpreter and the generated code.
    • speed is a bigger issue than memory footprint for the interpreter
    • what are the upper bounds of footprint? we are targeting:
      • memory: 128K RAM
      • code: 100K

Edwin (Tamarin-tracing)

  • Steven is continuing to work on bugs
  • Edwin is working on tracetree algorithm, which uses interpreter.cpp
  • There has been a lot of work on the spec, which is part of why there hasn't been a lot of development recently.


  • posted updates to mini-tracing patch
    • still slightly crashy but can run about half of the sunspider cases now -- getting better!
  • ACTION: Edwin will add an updated tracetree patch to bugzilla later this week (txt patch is fine)
  • Steven suggests rebuilding with superwords turned off; this might inprove things.


  • one of the program managers from the flash player team (me or Scott Unterberg) will start attending these meetings
  • let us know how we can help!