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6th May 2008


  • Adobe: Ed, Scott, Rick, Steven, Tom
  • Mozilla: Dave, Jason, Jim, Brian Crowder
  • Intel: Shengnan Cong, Marsha Eng, Jungwoo Ha, Moh Haghighat, Mingqiu Sun


    • Moh (Intel)-
      • Major performance gains from optimized doubleToInt32 (double d) using integer code. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=412978
        • This is used in SpiderMonkey and Tamarin. Intel’s numeric team has helped out with this issue. Great performance gains thus far- Ed has also gotten these consistent results
          • Mozilla to see how this works with Firefox
        • Now it needs to be tested!
      • CMOV is no longer considered harmful!
        • A discussion on the performance considerations of using CMOV. Intel recommends using CMOV except in certain highly predictable cases.
    • Steven (Adobe)-
      • Working on a patch for an interpreter speed-up. Currently is only working on Mac. Patch should be viewable later today.
        • Progress is being made!
    • Rick (Adobe)-
      • Is continuing to work on trees. Expects to land patch soon and go over updates in the next few weeks.
    • Jim (Mozilla)-
      • Update on regression of performance. In order for Tamarin to get into Mozilla, then patches can’t land if they slow things down. Take a benchmark approach and get TT to be on par w/ SpiderMonkey- then it can be switched over.
        • Mozilla will contribute speed optimizations to Adobe. Adobe needs to be comfortable making optimized code “clean” going forward, while making sure the numbers hit.
          • Adobe is building out its own internal performance measurements now. Going forward, make sure Mozilla and Adobe have agreement on benchmarks.
    • Tom (Adobe)-
      • Has posted a wiki page on Hosting APIs that he wants Mozilla to review. He will also send around to the list.
    • Mark Hammond-
      • How to best evangelize Tamarin through ScreamingMonkey? How to get folks using it?
        • The IE DOM works as hopes (minus some expected issues). Can we evangelize and package? Yes, but who can assist? John R and other evangelists can blog on this. Brendan to follow-up with Mark on this.