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3rd June 2008


  • Adobe: Rick, Steven, Scott, Vladimir, Jeff, Dan
  • Mozilla: Brendan
  • Intel: Shengnan, Moh, Jungwoo


  • Moh (Intel)-
    • Shengnan has got the VTune sampling support for TT in place. The first version runs all Sunspider tests without any known problems. We're waiting for feedback from Rick & Ed. (bug# 436987)
    • Jungwoo completed code alignment of trace prologues, loop headers, and trace epilogues. No significant performance gains observed yet.
      • Rick (Adobe) wants to review some of this, so he will check in with Moh this. Rick needs to try this on SunSpider.
      • We need a new filename for the trace/fragment. VTune requires continuous code for each trace. Moh wants to link name with the line number so that it stays constant.
    • Hot exit thresholds- there are a few different numbers, Jungwoo has been having luck from increasing the number from 2 to 10 (on SunSpider). Moh and team will continue to explore this.
  • Steven (Adobe)
    • Has been tied up with internal work, so no major updates. But, Adobe has new Tamarin employee: Vladamir!
  • Rick (Adobe)
    • Continuing to work on trace trees. Currently, can run some of the benchmarks with trace trees. Some have broken, so is currently debugging but hopes to get all the benchmarks running soon.
  • Brendan (Mozilla)
    • Wants to see that Mark Hammond gets the help he needs for Screaming Monkey. Jeff says that there are some solutions out there (in Lars, Jeff, and others heads). Jeff to ping Brendan with the bug number (#417342). There is a dupe bug that has even more detail.
    • Performance of ESC and Tamarin Central is next major project. Brent Baker has been helping with QE- he may be able to assist.