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10th June 2008


  • Adobe: Rick, Steven, Scott, Vladimir, Jeff
  • Mozilla: Brendan, Ethan
  • Intel: Moh, Ben, Min, Jungwoo


  • Brendan (Mozilla)
    • Short and long-term GC plan discussion. MMGC within SpiderMonkey. Can we use for MMGC or put lightweight internal API to avoid forking? Make sure focus is on Tamarin Tracing vs. Tamarin Central
      • Steven though short-term GC needs OK for Adobe. But, Tom has an API that extracts over MMGC and SPAM (for smaller devices). Tom to get involved with this (Brendan to assist w/ getting Tom involved). It would be ideal to get Lars involved on GC as well, but that will have to wait for now.
    • Has Jason Evans started his integration yet? Not fully, so good time to review API vs. forking, etc.
      • Ben to start thread on tamarin-devel list on this.
      • Moh also wants to merge MMGC with Tamarin Tracing
  • Rick (Adobe)
    • Posted a patch for trace trees this past week, but is still a bit buggy.
  • Next week:
    • Need to discuss ScreamingMonkey w/ Jeff H.