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24th June 2008


  • Adobe: Scott, Steven, Edwin, Jeff, Dan, Mason
  • Intel: Moh, Carmen, Jungwoo
  • Mozilla: Brendan, Jordan, Andreas, Rob, Jason, Aaron, Ben
  • Other: Mark


  • (Edwin) Trace tree update - rebuilding pipeline state and cost of recompilation. Now handles merge notes. Optimizing it now off of previous branches. Constant recompiling is more than expected, so will continue to investigate.
    • Can turn trace trees on and it will pass the tests, but the performance is worse, so currently are leaving it off.
    • Pipelining is now starting to pay off!
  • (Andreas) Compartmentalizing nanojit for use by tracemonkey as well as TT
    • It was a small namespace change. Add a delete operator?
    • Should we start a wiki page to track these items? Or Bugzilla? ACTION: Andreas will write something up and send out a link.
    • Moving more filters (e.g., CSE) into nanojit
  • (Mark) Wondering about ASC on TT.
    • ACTION: Dan will touch base with Mark on this to assist.