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July 15th 2008


  • Adobe: Scott, Steven, Edwin, Jeff, Mason, Jennifer, Rob B., Ed, Rob W.
  • Intel: Carmen, Jungwoo, Mingqui
  • Mozilla: Brendan, Jordan, Andreas, Jason, Ben, Joel, Dave M., Dave A., Jim, Benjamin


  • (Jungwoo) Update on parallel JIT'ing in TT.
    • Is trying moving all patches to interpreter side.
    • Headsup on Moh's vectorization of hot search loop of MMgc::PinStackObjects using SSE2. Both Sunspider's string benchmarks (string-fasta & string-validate-input) show 8+% speedup.
    • Moh will explain more in next meeting.
  • (Andreas) SSE2 calling conventions. SSE2-only JIT? Shall we specialize with SSE2-only?
    • This may make slower processers even slower. This would affect Flash. This should be investigated though. Would compile-time be enough? Need to look into this. SSE2 or later machines would makes sense.
    • More investigations needed for SSE2. Andreas will put a patch together for Mac and Linux.
  • (Benjamin) More GC discussion - jemalloc+gc proposal
    • semi-precise GC
    • shared heap space with malloced memory
    • threadsafety, even with write barriers
    • at the cost of DRC
      • Lars will be looking into this
      • Flash Player benefits from string-like objects.
      • MMGC could just do GC and drop fix mallloc. Tom is going to formulate a response to the email thread going around.
  • (Ed) Worked up new patch for 8-byte instructions. Made parallel patch for 4-byte. In comparison, 4-byte won! Will land another patch for this.
    • RP and SP pointers: need to special case these pointers. This will help keep us under the 8-byte instructions.
  • (Steven) Is tracking down performance issues for a Flex-based app for Tamarin Tracing. New issues are coming up with TT vs. TC issues in doing this.
    • Adobe is building continuous benchmarking is coming along and should be public in a few weeks.
    • Considering open tri-server so folks can push public patches. Might make sense to have this hosted via Mozilla. Ed to open a bug on this.
    • Mozilla is also doing macro benchmarking that is being worked on.
  • (Andreas) TraceMonkay- 64-bit backend is now working! Will get pushed into Tamarin soon. Ed can help push patch if it gets too big funky.
    • Carmen at Intel has also done some work with microbytes for SpiderMonkey.
  • (Mingqui) Submitted 2 patches a few weeks ago. Any update on these? Steven at Adobe to review these…