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Aug 12th 2008


  • intel: moh, carmen, shengnan, jungwoo
  • mozilla: dave, andreas, brendan
  • adobe: mason, edwin s, steven, vlad, scott, dan, thomas


  • (David)
    • Explicit memory allocation
      • Just made a quick patch on this. This has also been discussed in previous meetings. Plan is to commit the patch by next week.
  • (Mason)
    • Progress on x86 Forth representation.
      • Trying to get rid of the interpreter dispatch loop. Has a basic version up now with 20% increase in speed in TT. Hopes to have more test results by end of week.
  • (Moh)
    • Update on Jungwoo's results with parallel JITing in TT.
      • Jungwoo has working now in TT. More work still needs to be done.
      • Core-2 Duo is dual core, Silverthorne (Atom) is hyper-threaded.
    • vprof is in TT. You can use it for value profiling. Extensions and more capabilities are underway.
      • Ed has also ported this to alternative platforms. Ed also worked on a timer to help see transitions for various components. Moh has also worked on some of the timers.
    • Improving InlineHashTable. Good speedup observed on Win32. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=449886
      • Looking at 64bitHashTable as well.
  • (Steven)
    • Taking fixes from Flash Player / TC and getting these integrated into the mainline. May have to submit as multiple patches depending on how the check-in goes.
  • (Ed)
    • Will be doing reviews of the reviews: VTune patch, etc. Thanks to those who put those in while he was out.
  • (Mark)
    • Waiting to hear on GlobalObjects issue with TC- any progress? Someone on Adobe side is looking into this (Tom Harwood), but might take a bit of time to review.