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Aug 26th 2008


  • intel: moh, carmen, shengnan, jungwoo
  • mozilla: dave, andreas, brendan, benjamin
  • adobe: mason, edwin s, steven, rick r, scott, tom harwood, jennifer, leslie

Agenda Items Discussed

  • (Andreas) Merging TM nanojit changes upstream.
    • Explicit deallocation
    • Peer fragments
    • Allocating code cache incrementally
    • AMD64 codegen updates
    • Bug fixes (qjoin check from Vlad)
    • Verbosity bug fixes
    • Strict aliasing fixes
    • Fix for ExprFilter reducing guards to corrupt LIR


  • Congratulations on TraceMonkey!
  • (Andreas)
    • Need to merge TM changes back to TT so that we can get back to one branch
    • Potential review issues. There may be a couple of things that need work on the interpreter side.
    • Peer fragments are a new concept to nanojit (probably not a lot of overhead)
    • Andreas to package up reviews in separate packages to make it easier
  • (Ed)
    • Adobe has two changes
      • page allocations (big change)
      • Rick to review page allocations patch
      • bug in expression filter
      • Ed will wait to update until after Andreas stuff has landed.
      • Ed won't be able to land his changes this week, but they only need review. He will make his changes available for Andreas to review.
    • Parallel ARM work needs to be coordinated as well. This needs to be coordinated with Rob Winchell. We need Rob's status and get his patches in a user directory or attached to a bug.
    • Vtune patch for TT - ball is in Adobe's court to review it. Any updates needed to get it working with nanojit will be done by Adobe as well.
    • Ed also has a validator on his side branch and he will queue that up as well.
  • (Moh)
    • Patch for parallel JIT'ing. Jung woo finished it for trees and the numbers are much better (upto 4x improvement in some cases). They will submit this patch as well.