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Sep 30th 2008


  • Intel: Moh, Shengnan
  • Mozilla: Andreas, Graydon
  • Adobe: Edwin, Steven, Vladimir, Scott, Tom H, Leslie, Rob W

Agenda Items Discussed

  • (Graydon) Nanojit merge.
  • (Andreas) PowerPC/SPARC backends


  • Nanojit Merge (Edwin/Graydon)
    • Landed nanojit in TC today, Rick and Ed are on tap to get everything merged together.
    • It will be eaiser if we merge things into tamarin redux as opposed to going back to tamarin central.
    • Nanojit in TC will become the canonical branch
    • TC will not be using nanojit to do tracing immediately. Guards will only work in TraceMonkey.
    • There was one feature that got lost in the merge (managing fragments), but it will be added back in.
    • (Andreas) Any plans for testing frameworks for nanojit specifically. (Edwin) We have started working on a generic C++ solution, no concrete plans. Possibly create a text file syntax for LIR use. Textual description of LIR. A LIR/C backend would be interesting as well. Need to do more brainstorming on this topic.
    • Load filter code made it into new version, may speed up guard.
    • Graydon's Status
      • Started merge about a week ago. Passing most of the tests internally. One bug posted – 457786 (using the patch as of last night) ACTION: Copy Edwin on this bug.
      • Little bit of difficulty during integration, but all bugs solved and seems to work fine.
      • Not touching any of the branch code. Tested only on Linux x86.
      • X64 has not yet been tested
      • Bugs were with redux code in general, Ed fixed them and they were integrated into redux code
  • PowerPC/Sparc Backends (Andreas)
    • Bloomberg expressed interest in running TraceMonkey JIT on PowerPC and Sparc.
    • What are the intentions for PowerPC and Sparc?
    • Vladimir is working on Power PC (user branch to do port on branch so everyone can see it.)Bloomberg can help with testing.
    • Vladimir is doing restructure (for architecture dependent parts)
    • Vladimir will set up repository today on Mozilla site. Needs review for X86 and ARM. He will have PowerPC as a separate file.
    • Tomorrow evening restructured nanojit in his private repository on Mozilla. (No review necessary). Then he will add changes for PPC port which will be separate files. It will make it easier to do Sparc later. Currently only working on PPC.
    • It may take work on everyone’s part to refactor.
    • Sparc - Ed sent a note to Leon from Sun and he was on vacation. Edwin contacted Leon looking for some bandwidth to help out on the Sparc side.