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November 18, 2008


  • Intel: Moh, Shengnan
  • Mozilla: Andreas, Jim Blandy
  • Adobe: Edwin Smith, Steven Johnson, Tom Harwood, Leslie, Lars, Jeff Dyer, Rob Winchell, Rob Borcic, Trevor Baker, Dan Schaffer, Brent Baker, Dan Smith, Rick Reitmaier, Rishit Shah, Tom Reilly

Agenda Items Discussed

  • Power PC Status (Dan Smith)
  • Tamarin Redux integration into Tamarin Central status (Lars, Edwin)
  • Out-of-memory handling (Tom Reilly)


Power PC Status (Dan)

  • Engineer that was working on this has left Adobe. Need a new schedule and need to see who will actually do the work. Dan to check in with Rick to see if there is anything that can be posted on Mozilla.

Tamarin Redux Integration into Tamarin Central (Lars/Edwin)

  • There may be integration from TC into Redux before we merge back.
  • Goal is to have stable code by Friday
  • Plan is to do this integration every 1-2 months depending upon pressure. Goal is to do these releases for TC to be very stable.
  • Tom Reilly wants to get all profile stuff into TR. Tom to do this by Friday. It should always be based upon Redux. No reason to not get memory profile stuff to get into redux by Friday (risk is minimal). The only risk if there is a problem with the merge. Determine what it would take to get it tested so we can get it in as soon as possible.
  • There are ARM changes pending that will not make it into this release so there will probably be another release prior to December.
  • Proposal is to have a monthly release.
  • Once the merge is complete, we will use tags to identify releases. Lars will tag it as version 1 (as no naming scheme has been determined yet.)
  • Master branch set up for nanojit – everyone agreed to it, we just need to agree on top level layout. Maybe we created a shared stuff repository and nanojit would be part of it. Someone just needs to push this forward. We will get back to this in December.
  • We will not turn on LIR for this release.
  • Next release will have ARM turned on by default, too risky for this release. Passes test, but not robust enough just to turn everything on.

=== OOM Handling (Tom Reilly)

  • Spec is done, just need to officially sign it off.
  • Initial work for Active X was done so we actually exit instead of crash
  • First 15% done

Quality Engineering (Trevor Baker)

  • Updated performance tests to validate results. Incorrect output will fail the build. There is one more patch that needs review.
  • Changed (debugger builds) now watching for assertions and tracking exit codes. Today only producing a warning. Two bugs tracking assertions (powerpc and Linux) once these are resolved they will change it to fail
  • Size report working on both TC and Redux on Windows Desktop, Data is going into a DB ,but you see it in a waterfall report. Eventually there will be a separate report for that so you can compare builds.
  • Also ported chrome v8 test suite (ultimately it will be created as a report by next week’s meeting)